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5 Exercises to Heal Lower Back Pain t...

5 Exercises to Heal Lower Back Pain the Yoga Way

This past summer I was at a week-long camp for girls acting as a leader. It was a busy week full of cooking, cleaning, hiking, swimming, pranks, fun and games and not a lot of sleep. By the end of the week I was exhausted! I had woken early each morning to practice yoga down […]

Balancing My Many Selves

Balancing My Many Selves

As a kid, I always took time to daydream and imagine life when I was ‘grown up’. The daydreams varied on the day and what my latest hot button was. Some days I wanted to be a gymnast (until I realized I was too tall by at least a foot!), others I longed for a […]

You are never lost…if you know ...

You are never lost…if you know where you are going.

This morning as I was running through the beautiful foliage in the mountains, enjoying the fall colors, the cool breeze and the warm sun, I suddenly realized something important…I was lost! Turning in all directions I was unsure of what trail I had ventured onto and hence I had no idea where I was in […]

3 Ways Savasana will Change your Body...

3 Ways Savasana will Change your Body…and Soul

I was THAT student. The one who purposely put my mat in the back of the class so that when the ‘boring’ part of yoga class came-meaning the relaxation Savasana- I could hightail it out of there. I was so focused on the muscle strengthening and looked at yoga as simply another avenue to achieving the […]

25 Minute Vinyasa Flow to Open Chest ...

25 Minute Vinyasa Flow to Open Chest and Strengthen Shoulders


Surrender to Money…Find Peace

Surrender to Money…Find Peace

I hate managing money and trying to earn more money and spending money and saving money. When I am in times of prosperity and abundance I overspend, in times of scarcity and lack I scrimp, clip coupons, and stress. I have not been able to find a happy medium. This morning was spent paying bills […]

Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but n...

Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to Die.

Everyone Wants to go to Heaven, But Nobody Wants to Die I saw this statement printed on a shirt recently and for some reason it has really stuck with me. I want to go to heaven, but the thought of dying and leaving all I love behind is a scary and painful thought. I am very attached […]

Pumpkin Spice and Chocolate Chip Waff...

Pumpkin Spice and Chocolate Chip Waffles

Pumpkin Spice and Chocolate Chip Waffles This was a nice lazy Sunday morning with LDS General Conference on the agenda. So of course I needed to whip up a yummy batch of waffles. Give this recipe a try: 2 1/2 cup flour (or flour substitute) 4 teaspoons baking powder 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon 1 teaspoon ground […]

Wheel-an upside down adventure

Wheel-an upside down adventure

For the month of September 2015 I took on the pose of Wheel in earnest to try to conquer this or at least make some progress. A few years ago (7 or so) I fell while trail running and landed so hard on my face and chest that it torked something in my mid-back. Being […]

Handstand and Forearm Balance-Inversi...

Handstand and Forearm Balance-Inversion Tutorials

Inversions are some of the most visually amazing asanas a yogi can do in her/his physical practice. These are the poses you see on Instagram and are amazed by…but they are also very physically demanding and difficult. A few months ago I took it on to learn how to do inversions. They had always scared […]

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