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Dogs will break your heart, but heal ...

Dogs will break your heart, but heal your soul.

Love is a painful, wonderful, tender and often heartbreaking emotion. I’ve heard it said before that love is not so much an emotion but an action and that to feel loving you have to ‘be’ loving. The action precedes the feeling. While I believe this to be true, especially with my hubby of 17 years, […]

Gluten Free Aloha Muffins

Gluten Free Aloha Muffins

So I think I have the pickiest group of eaters in my house ever. One claims they can’t eat anything that is orange, another despises tomatoes, one will only drink the milk from her cereal bowl leaving the cereal to crust and forever unite to the side of the bowl, and so on and so on. […]

Ideas are To Be Embraced

Ideas are To Be Embraced

I received a book in the mail today from my aunt called What Do you Do with an Idea? Intrigued, I began to read this short, sweet children’s picture book, and by the end found myself tearing up. Sometimes when we are at the beginning of our journey in life towards making a dream, an […]

Airbrushing our Lives-How to stop the...

Airbrushing our Lives-How to stop the harmful comparison game

  It seems that the more devices and technology that are created in order to ‘share’ our lives and connect with other end up with us seeing the airbrushed lives of others which we then compare own reality, wrinkles and all.   Have you ever looked at a magazine image or a photo on social […]

Weeds and Meditation

Weeds and Meditation

Weeds. By this point in the summer my yard is full of them-between the invasive morning glory–which as a side note my 2 year old loves because they grow a tiny white flower, but I hate because they are so hard to get rid of– to this horrible grassy weed that is invading our lawn, […]

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