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Handstand and Forearm Balance-Inversion Tutorials

Handstand on banisterInversions are some of the most visually amazing asanas a yogi can do in her/his physical practice. These are the poses you see on Instagram and are amazed by…but they are also very physically demanding and difficult. A few months ago I took it on to learn how to do inversions. They had always scared me, but I knew that with practice I could begin to make these a part of my practice. And as we all know, you learn more by teaching than anything. So, I’ve made a couple tutorial videos you can use to help deepen your inversion practice.

Hope you enjoy them and they can help you further your inversions as well. Namaste.

1. Handstand- Adho Mukha Vrksasana

2.  Forearm Balance-Pincha Mayurasana

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