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Wheel-an upside down adventure

For the month of September 2015 I took on the pose of Wheel in earnest to try to conquer this or at least make some progress.

A few years ago (7 or so) I fell while trail running and landed so hard on my face and chest that it torked something in my mid-back. Being a ‘tough’ girl in my late 20’s I figured my body would just work itself out and I didn’t receive any medical care. A chiropractor would likely have been able to pop me back in shape. Instead, I couldn’t practice yoga for almost 4 months (couldn’t bend my back at all) and as it healed my fascia and muscles contorted to protect my injury and now I have uneven ribs and my shoulder on my left side is an inch or so higher than my right. Not ideal. So coming back to a place where I can bend my back has been super slow.

Here are some shots of my progress over time.  I don’t know that I am making fast progress, but I am feeling stronger and better able to straighten my arms and keep my knees together better.

Wheel August 2015

Wheel August 2015

Wheel End of Sept 2015

Wheel End of Sept 2015

I also made a tutorial video to help me develop better form and to possible help others struggling in this pose. Hope it helps you as well.


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