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Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to Die.

Everyone Wants to go to Heaven, But Nobody Wants to Die


I saw this statement printed on a shirt recently and for some reason it has really stuck with me. I want to go to heaven, but the thought of dying and leaving all I love behind is a scary and painful thought. I am very attached to my life and the people in my life–I really don’t want to die.

But isn’t this really applicable to anything we ultimately want in life? To become someone new, to achieve something new, to change requires that who we are now dies. Because who we are right now is not enough to achieve what we want-we must rise to match the level of our dreams and goals. But that requires being brave and facing up to change in ourselves and change in our world.

My life has been going through a lot of change lately. After 17 years of marriage I had to really evaluate where my marriage was headed and through a lot of painful, raw and real conversations, we both realized that we had gotten off track. Our goals of happiness and connection were not being met and to make these happen some radical changes needed to occur. And it is HARD.  It is so much easier to slip into the status quo, to stay where I am and wish and hope that ‘someday’ it would be better and I would have the marriage I dreamed of. Because creating change and something awesome requires that I change, that I own up to how I am being and that I commit to something different, to allowing my current self to die and become someone new.

I know there are some areas of my life that I haven’t been willing to pay the price for the payout I say that I want. I want a close relationship with my children but I often put work, household tasks, yoga, and even this blog in front of quality time with them. Knowing I want this huge prize {a strong relationship}, 2 weeks ago I enrolled my family in canceling our Dish Network and getting rid of the TV and gaming devices. HUGE! And they weren’t thrilled but they went along. I can tell you that the past 2 weeks without those things has made a gigantic difference in all of our lives, in our connection, and in the happiness in our home. But to BE the mother I want to be I have to decide every day that I am willing to pay the price.

I heard it said once that we can’t wait for eternity for happiness, because eternity is NOW. We are living it.

So big dreams are scary. Dying to get to heaven is scary. But you can’t have one without the other. You can’t receive the ultimate payoffs without paying the price.




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