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3 Ways Savasana will Change your Body...

3 Ways Savasana will Change your Body…and Soul

I was THAT student. The one who purposely put my┬ámat in the back of the class so that when the ‘boring’ part of yoga class came-meaning the relaxation Savasana- I could hightail it out of there. I was so focused on the muscle strengthening and looked at yoga as simply another avenue to achieving the […]

Wheel-an upside down adventure

Wheel-an upside down adventure

For the month of September 2015 I took on the pose of Wheel in earnest to try to conquer this or at least make some progress. A few years ago (7 or so) I fell while trail running and landed so hard on my face and chest that it torked something in my mid-back. Being […]

Handstand and Forearm Balance-Inversi...

Handstand and Forearm Balance-Inversion Tutorials

Inversions are some of the most visually amazing asanas a yogi can do in her/his physical practice. These are the poses you see on Instagram and are amazed by…but they are also very physically demanding and difficult. A few months ago I took it on to learn how to do inversions. They had always scared […]

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Poses

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Poses

My sister was visiting today from Hawaii and we decided to have play time taking photos of our favorite yoga poses. And it was very revealing. Often in yoga class I will feel like I am in the most AMAZING back bend, or that my form in plank pose is without flaw. But, after seeing […]

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