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Wheel-an upside down adventure

Wheel-an upside down adventure

For the month of September 2015 I took on the pose of Wheel in earnest to try to conquer this or at least make some progress. A few years ago (7 or so) I fell while trail running and landed so hard on my face and chest that it torked something in my mid-back. Being […]

Handstand and Forearm Balance-Inversi...

Handstand and Forearm Balance-Inversion Tutorials

Inversions are some of the most visually amazing asanas a yogi can do in her/his physical practice. These are the poses you see on Instagram and are amazed by…but they are also very physically demanding and difficult. A few months ago I took it on to learn how to do inversions. They had always scared […]

Finding time for Yoga AND Cardio

Finding time for Yoga AND Cardio

I started running back when I was just 12 years old. My family had moved into a tiny 1 bedroom hotel while waiting for our home to be ready to move in, and having 7 people cramped in that tiny space made my mom desperate to keep us five kids busy and out of the […]

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