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25 Minute Vinyasa Flow to Open Chest ...

25 Minute Vinyasa Flow to Open Chest and Strengthen Shoulders


Handstand and Forearm Balance-Inversi...

Handstand and Forearm Balance-Inversion Tutorials

Inversions are some of the most visually amazing asanas a yogi can do in her/his physical practice. These are the poses you see on Instagram and are amazed by…but they are also very physically demanding and difficult. A few months ago I took it on to learn how to do inversions. They had always scared […]

13 Minute Yoga Flow For Total Body St...

13 Minute Yoga Flow For Total Body Strength

This practice includes lower and upper body strengthening postures leading up to headstand. By holding poses for several breaths you will find your mental focus improving and you can get deeper into the breath and awareness of your body position. Enjoy this meditative flow and don’t skip out on the Savanasa at the end to […]

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