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25 Minute Vinyasa Flow to Open Chest ...

25 Minute Vinyasa Flow to Open Chest and Strengthen Shoulders


13 Minute Yoga Flow For Total Body St...

13 Minute Yoga Flow For Total Body Strength

This practice includes lower and upper body strengthening postures leading up to headstand. By holding poses for several breaths you will find your mental focus improving and you can get deeper into the breath and awareness of your body position. Enjoy this meditative flow and don’t skip out on the Savanasa at the end to […]

Week 2 Wheel-Urdhva Dhanurasana-30 Mi...

Week 2 Wheel-Urdhva Dhanurasana-30 Minute Flow

Week 2 is here, and I’ve created a new flow to help to open the chest and strengthen the shoulders and back to help us get into wheel. Practice this a couple times this week and see how your wheel pose progresses. Namaste!  

Week 1-Wheel-Urdhva Dhanurasana-15 mi...

Week 1-Wheel-Urdhva Dhanurasana-15 minute flow

Good morning and welcome to Pose of the Month for September 2015. Wheel-Urdhva Dhanurasana (OORD-vah don-your-AHS-anna) urdhva = upward dhanu = bow This is a very challenging pose for me, and I know that I have loads of room to improve. So I will be taking on this challenge as well. For week 1, I […]

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