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Handstand- Adho Mukha Vrksasana

Here is an update on my progress as of Oct 2015. To see my humble beginnings, scroll down.

Handstand is the king of all poses, in my opinion. Seeing a yogini holding a handstand with their hips, and shoulders stacked perfectly aligned and being able to hold the pose with ease makes my heart flutter:) I have a daughter who is a gymnast (she is 7 as of this publication) and she and together have taken on the challenge of holding a properly aligned handstand. And it is HARD! I started to work on this pose in August after a great Inversions workshop I took at Infusion Yoga in Bountiful, UT. And it is coming s-l-o-w-l-y. Here is a clip of my current handstand.

You can see that I am still not great at aligning my hips and shoulders, and I need to tuck in my ribs to create a solid core. Also, my low back is arching pushing my feet off-centered. So…a long way to go. I’ll check back in next month and we’ll see how I’m progressing. Join me in working on Handstand so we can enjoy this upside down journey together!


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