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13 Minute Yoga Flow For Total Body St...

13 Minute Yoga Flow For Total Body Strength

This practice includes lower and upper body strengthening postures leading up to headstand. By holding poses for several breaths you will find your mental focus improving and you can get deeper into the breath and awareness of your body position. Enjoy this meditative flow and don’t skip out on the Savanasa at the end to […]

Yin Yoga-Healing by Releasing

Yin Yoga-Healing by Releasing

Yin Yoga sounds so mysterious. Having seen Yin Yoga on the schedule at various yoga studios I wondered often about what Yin Yoga was and if it was something I would enjoy. My first experience with Yin was so different from any other vinyasa or hatha yoga I had practiced before, and honestly it was very […]

Letting Go-Find love by losing expect...

Letting Go-Find love by losing expectations

This afternoon I acted out a scene in my life that I have been through many times before. I met with the principal and teachers at my son’s school and was told a long list of things he is struggling with, what he does wrong, how he is misbehaving in class, about what a distraction he […]

Control is a Four Letter Word

Control is a Four Letter Word

My name is Heather Johnson and I am a Control Freak. Phew-now that I have that off my chest I can get real with you. I try to control everything: my time, my husband’s time, my kids time, the house, our money and where it is spent and how it is earned, electronics in our […]

Start Being Childish

Start Being Childish

As a kid I remember looking at adults and thinking they had it made. They got to make all the decisions, nobody told them what to do, they could spend money on whatever they wanted, and best of all they didn’t have to go to bed early. But that childish impression of adulthood in no […]

Week 2 Wheel-Urdhva Dhanurasana-30 Mi...

Week 2 Wheel-Urdhva Dhanurasana-30 Minute Flow

Week 2 is here, and I’ve created a new flow to help to open the chest and strengthen the shoulders and back to help us get into wheel. Practice this a couple times this week and see how your wheel pose progresses. Namaste!  

Finding time for Yoga AND Cardio

Finding time for Yoga AND Cardio

I started running back when I was just 12 years old. My family had moved into a tiny 1 bedroom hotel while waiting for our home to be ready to move in, and having 7 people cramped in that tiny space made my mom desperate to keep us five kids busy and out of the […]

What is Ujjayi breathing-or why does ...

What is Ujjayi breathing-or why does the guy next to me in yoga class sound like he’s snoring?

Breath is the essence of life. Without breath, we cease to live. During yoga the most important aspect isn’t the pose or how deep we can get into a posture, but instead is the breath. One of the most basic breathing techniques used in yoga is Ujjayi-victorious breath. Ujjayi breath is most often used in […]

Life Lessons from a Paddleboard

Life Lessons from a Paddleboard

“Nature often holds up a mirror so we can see more clearly the ongoing processes of growth, renewal, and transformation in our lives.” Mary Ann Brussat For years I have been dying to try paddle boarding. Last year I took a solo trip to Maya Tulum on the Mexican Riviera for a yoga retreat and decided […]

Black Bean Quinoa Salad with Basil-Le...

Black Bean Quinoa Salad with Basil-Lemon Dressing

What would Labor Day be without a fantastic BBQ including side salads. This morning I needed to throw together a quick salad for a potluck BBQ and went with a recipe my family loves. Give it a try–even kids like it! 1 1/2 cups uncooked quinoa 3 cups vegetable broth-I use Organic Bullion 2 tablespoons olive […]

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