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Surya Namaskar-Classical Sun Salutation

Sun Salutations are a fantastic way to start your daily yoga practice, and are a perfect way for beginners to develop strength and confidence in their vinyasa flow practice. Sun Salutations can be performed slowly holding each pose for several breaths, or you can flow with each breath as demonstrated in the video. Whatever your speed, sun salutations can energize your body, clear your mind and relax tension all while improving focus and strength.

This video demonstrates Classical Surya Namaskar and is perfect for yoga beginners. See the breakdown below:

  1. Tadasana- Mountain Pose.
  2. Inhale reaching arms long overhead, gazing upward without straining the neck.
  3. Exhale coming into Uttanasana-forward fold. Work to bring chest towards the thighs with a long straight back. Bend knees as much as you need to for the spine to stay long.
  4. Inhale placing both hands on the mat and step right foot back into a lunge. Center right knee over the ankle and heel.
  5. Holding the breath bring the left foot back into a high push up.
  6. Exhale lowering your knees, chest and then chin to the mat. Tailbone will be raised a bit off the mat.
  7. Inhale bringing chest up and forward and pressing into hands for Bhujangasana-Cobra.
  8. Exhale into down dog. Move into this pose by tucking the toes, pushing up on the knees, then straightening legs into down dog.
  9. Inhale bringing right leg forward into a lunge.
  10. Exhale stepping left foot forward into Uttanasana-forward fold.
  11. Inhale engaging the abs as you rise up with a long spine and sweep the arms up to come to standing.
  12. Exhale hands to heart center.

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